Paloma Faith feels "guilty" over the way treated her vagina in the past.

The 42-year-old pop star claimed that she has always been "sensitive" in her intimate areas and was "overly accommodating" to men during her youth at the expense of her own comfort or pleasure.

Writing in a piece for The Saturday Times magazine, she explained: "My vagina has always been sensitive but accommodating, a bit like me.

"I feel guilty about how I have treated it in the past. In my early years of sexual activity, I was so overly accommodating for men that I would allow them to shove it in without lubrication and almost tried to ignore the lack of comfort or arousal.

"I actively told men I couldn’t orgasm to alleviate any pressure they might feel to make me do so. It was years before I learnt how to enjoy sex or met men who took more pleasure out of my pleasure than their own. Too long."

The 'New York' songstress - who has two daughters aged seven and three with former husband Leyman Lachine - claimed that no pain had ever come close to the kind she felt when she tried having sex for the first time after giving birth and it actually took her another couple of years to start feeling comfortable again.

She added: "Nothing, though, has been as painful as the first time I had sex postpartum. It was HELL. It felt like razor blades were embedded in his penis. I felt guilty because it was by now seven months since I had given birth and I felt I should have an obligatory try.

"I was wincing the entire time. He noticed. I was feeling bad; he was feeling bad. It wasn’t erotic at all!

"I would say it took nearly two years for me not to feel any pain at all during sex. That is a hell of a long time. I went to a lot of gynaecologists but no one had any answers as to why this was happening. If I am honest, I resigned myself to having painful sex for the rest of my days."