Paloma Faith ''did a whole tour'' while suffering from post-natal depression.

The 'Only Love Can Hurt Like This' hitmaker - who has a three-year-old daughter with her partner Leyman Lahcine - has opened up on how she was on the road while struggling with her mental health, but should have done things differently.

She told The Guardian newspaper: ''I just thought that I was never going to be happy again and I made amends with that, and then I just pushed myself and it was punishing.

''I did a whole tour with it, and I was just devastated. I was miserable, I didn't enjoy it. I toured arenas and I shouldn't have, or I should have done it differently.''

The proud mum has revealed how she would be looking after her baby all day, before putting her daughter to bed at 7pm and then getting ready for that night's performance.

She added: ''I would have two hours to get ready, do my vocal warm-up, and then be on stage by 9pm.

''I'd finish around 11pm, and then I'd dismantle myself from pop star to pyjamas and, at midnight, I'd go to sleep, and then wake up and do the whole thing again.

''It was self-imposed, but also no one said anything, no one said: 'This is absolutely ridiculous and here's a way to change that.' ''

Although Paloma hired nannies for a while, it wasn't the right solution for her, and eventually she decided to give up work before her partner insisted he should pause his career as the higher earner in their relationship.

She said: ''My relationship with my own father was really irregular and I see how lucky my child is to be with her dad a lot.

''I think it's really good for her to spend time with a very sensitive, kind man, and that will be her benchmark and mould her expectations of men in a way that I didn't have. I think I had really low expectations.''