Paloma Faith has finished her album in lockdown and plans to release it this year.

The 'Mistakes' singer has revealed she learnt how to do production amid the coronavirus pandemic whilst being at home with her partner, Leyman Lahcine, and their child - who was born in December 2016 - and she's been working solidly ''Monday to Friday'' to get her follow-up to 2017's 'The Architect' finished.

She told the Evening Standard: ''I didn't really know how to produce before but I do now.

''I have been recording as if there isn't a lockdown, working Monday to Friday.

''So I have made an album that will come out this year and I am hoping to tour it then too, but who knows.''

The 38-year-old star has made herself ''useful'' by helping out her neighbours.

She said: ''I feel a bit more useful than normal.

''I have been helping neighbours with stuff and there are some old people that I help.

''Sometimes with my job I feel like it is a little bit selfish, and I am not naturally like that.

''So I feel like I am a bit more validated by being useful to people.''

The 'Only Love Can Hurt Like This' hitmaker admitted that she is missing contact with ''strangers'' and that she has found people are more approachable towards her because the health crisis has put celebrities on an ''even level'' with everyone else.

She added: ''All of the social constructs of division have gone.

''It is like we are living in [the soap opera] 'Emmerdale' now.

''And everyone just wants contact with other people, me included.

''I want contact with other people, with strangers.

''I think before there was a division because it was like: 'Oh she's famous, I won't talk to her.'

''But now we're on an even level.

''The heroes are the NHS and the delivery people are like the celebs of this crisis.''