‘The Voice’s new judges certainly seem to be doing the trick when it comes to getting publicity for the singing contest, with Paloma Faith reportedly storming off the set after a row with Boy George after he called her “b****y” and “extremely rude”.

Viewers are set to see footage of the feisty clash this weekend, as former Liberty X star Kevin Simm unwittingly causes a maelstrom between the two newcomers to the judging panel. The contestant is apparently aiming for a second shot at stardom, nearly 15 years after the group was put together on ITV’s ‘Popstars’, and gave a rendition of Sia’s hit ‘Chandelier’ for the judges.

Boy GeorgeBoy George is a new judge on 'The Voice'

Boy George then gave a passionate speech as to why Kevin should choose him to be his mentor for the rest of the series, at which Paloma, also interested in mentoring the singer, pretended to fall asleep and snore while George was speaking. “There are a lot of big voices in the show,” he had told Kevin. “You sit and you think no one can be better than that, then suddenly someone sings.”

“Is it finished, is it time for us to wake up?” she interjected, with her head resting on her desk. Though this was doubtless meant as light-hearted banter, it didn’t go down well at all and the former Culture Club singer, known for his put-downs and sharp tongue, launched into Paloma.

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He reportedly replied: “Excuse me, Paloma. No Paloma. No, I don't understand. That's extremely rude. Very rude.” When Paloma then tried to defend herself, he resumed his tirade by saying “one thing you haven't done Paloma is had a hit in America. I've had a few so listen to me. Didn't your mother teach you any lessons?”

Paloma FaithPaloma Faith incurred Boy George's wrath by pretending to fall asleep while he was talking

At which point, struggling to hold in tears, Paloma fled the stage while fellow judges will.i.am and Ricky Wilson remained silenced and embarrassed.

The pair were reported to have clashed during filming of the auditions section of the show back in September last year, with George apparently calling the 34 year old singer “b****y”, but few details were released at the time. Is this the same incident?

‘The Voice’ kicks off its final season on BBC One, before moving to ITV in 2017, on Saturday night (January 30th) at 7:45pm.

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