Review of Happy Hour Single by Palladium

Happy Hour
Single Review

Palladium Happy Hour Single

Palladium stand up and be counted with latest offering, 'Happy Hour', attempting to fill a huge gap in the pop-rock scene where the likes of The Feeling, a Prince comeback and Maroon 5 have failed.

'Happy Hour' is a fine example of what a pop-rock song should be; enthralling and spellbinding from the moment you press play until it concludes. But what is so special about it? It's got simple verses, an even simpler chorus and simple instrumentation but it's not the components of the track that makes it different from 'Fill My Little World' or ' This Love'. It's the way that Palladium come across in the song that makes the song so brilliant. They're more like storytellers than singers; a rarity in present day music.

A jovial piece of pop-rock splendour, 'Happy Hour' is a glorious song from a newfound gem, Palladium.


Daniel Black

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