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Trax Records has dug into their vaults to assemble some of the harder-to-find Trax classics, B-sides and lost gems.

This collector`s edition contains rare Trax cuts from such artists as Byron Stingily ( before Ten City!) Darryl Pandy, Adonis, Kevin Irving, Liz Torres, and Paris Grey. Also included are a couple rare remixesBasement Jaxx remix Adonis' We're Rocking Down the House" and the great 2-step Frankie Foncett remix of Kevin Irving's underground cult hit, "Children of the Night."

TRACK-BY-TRACK - By Larry Sherman & Screamin' Rachael.


1 Byron Stingily Funny Love

This is the first recording by premier vocalist Byron Stingily; today he is an internationally known House Superstar! Bryon was the lead singer for the popular Ten City, and today he has a prospering solo career.

2 Donnell Rush Knockin' On My Door

Donnell's first big record which reached #6 in England . For the long version, the group changed their name to Streetlife.

3 Darryl Pandy Searchin' For Love

Darryl is known as the incredible voice featured on Farley "Jackmaster" Funk's "Love Can't Turn Around." "Searchin' for Love" reached #6 in France and #12 in England .

4 BustaFunk Funkyllenium

This track was #1 on Dance Charts in France . Rachael found out about Bustafunk when DJ Afrika Bambaataa played "I Need Money" on their "House of Blues" tour.

5 Paris Grey Don't Make Me Jack

Paris Grey was inspired by "Don't Make Me Wait" by the Peach Boys. This song reached #3 in Germany .

6 Adonis We're Rocking Down the House (Basement Jaxx Mix)

One of the Basement Jaxx's favorite remixes, originally released on Trax UK . The Adonis speech at the front from the B-side is the only vocal recording of Adonis that is available. It is from a recording left on an answering machine

7 Ska-ta Running Away (Radio Mix)

Produced by Ralphi Rosario and is his more commercial "pop radio" mix.

8 Chuck-A-Bud Zig Zag

This was Chuck-A-Bud's second record, and first on Trax label. They really tore up the dance floors with an Ella Fitzgerald look-a-like singer. Zig Zag was Johnny Fiasco's first production.

8 Screamin' Rachael My Main Man

The song that brought the Queen of House to NYC and paved the way for Hip House, spanning a legion of imitators, like Samantha Fox. In Rachael's words: "My Main Man," was sort of a siren's song. I thought if I wrote a song about my ultimate man, he would arrive! Well all the guys thought they were or could be the main man, so the song created a big buzz! It was released on Trax, and then landed me a mega-million dollar deal at Streetwise, which unfortunately, closed its' doors before the albums release. It became a favorite at the Paradise Garage in NYC, probably because the men felt the same way I did! It was also trend setting in the fact that the vocal was a sort of sexy rap-talk style, very different for its time."

10 Mike Dunn Magic Feet

Mike is an original pioneer of Deep House Music. He has since gone on to work and produce for likes of P. Diddy. This is the first time in 15 years that this song has been brought out.

11 Kevin Irving Children Of The Night (Frankie Foncett & K-Warren Mix)

Frank Foncett is a world-renowned record DJ. It was done for a concept album and then he went back to Master and made a new recording in 2000.

12 Pete Black Chaka Vedo

"This is the only single from Pete Black and was only released in the UK ."

13 Liz Torres In The City

Liz was the vocalist with the live house band, Master C & J. The single was first released on State Street Records, Jesse Jones (the "J" in Master C&J) label named after the Chicago record shop he had at the time.

14 M.E. It's Hot

This is one of the first records from Merle & Ed, one of House music's premier teams. They were the first House production team known to capture the spirit of Mr. Fingers. "It's Hot" has a deep soulful House sound.

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