The Towels - feature - whats up - Review

The Towels

The Towels - feature - whats up - Review

The Towels - feature - whats up - Review
If the name the Towels seems like a silly one or one meant to purposely get your attention, you’re right. While the members of this prog-rock group take their music quite seriously, and so should you, the listener, by the way, there’s an added element of humor says guitarist Noral Squizz.

“We definitely have a sense of humor as our name demonstrates. It’s serious music, but you’ll find lots of humor in us as well. Were like the circus that blows through town:

Everyone comes to see us because we’re parading some silliness and brains and folks are interested to see what the fuss is all about,” Squizz said from his home recently.

A listen to the band’s latest independently released CD, American Beaus

(2005 Platehead Records) will provide proof enough the Towels mean business when it comes to making music. With a soft edged, slickly produced sound, echoes of Harrison, Orbison, and plenty more guitar/songwriter icons are reflected by the group’ quirky yet subtle genius.

The fluidity of the group’s seemingly odd elements is a feat within itself and the band pulls it off without a hitch all while making some fresh music with a comforting classic feel. This ability to produce an overwhelming overall feel-good vibe may stem from the comfort between the band’s members.

While now hovering around middle-age, Squizz has been friends and/or band mate to guitarist/vocalist, Leusley Aschbudt, and bass player, Dennis Scott in some form or another since they were teens growing up in Ohio.

“I went to school with Aschbudt, and then he joined the service. Then I played with Dennis in a band called ‘Eyes’. We kept that happening until it wasn’t, then split for California,” said Squizz.”

The move came for all the typical dream chasing reasons, but Squizz’s seem a bit more complex and mature as he sought industry connections since he and his gang were all ready seasoned, not to mention well-schooled and talented musicians.

“I wanted to be a songwriter more than have a group. I’m still working on it,” said Squizz who continues to pen a number of tunes trying to learn the ropes of the monster that is the music and entertainment business.

There are some lights in the near distance; however, as Squizz’s persistence and dedication seem to be paying off. Interest is starting to gather and the breaks may be closer now than ever as the calls are starting to come in search of Squizz and his music.

“I have recently talked to someone from an independent film company,” he added.

Until the big one comes, the group can be proud of what it has all ready accomplished with Squizz seemingly at the helm. American Beaus is the group’s third release and is receiving much critical acclaim. Unlike many other independent record companies, Plateheads, another of Squizz’s projects, has the Towels discs being sold on and as well as the group’s website at and has distribution deal in the Orient.

By Francisco H. Ciriza