Sudeki - Xbox Review


Sudeki – Xbox Review

Sudeki – Xbox Review

A royal line a self sufficient princess left to care for herself by ill parents and a land torn apart by the ravages of war. Queen Lusica has picked up her sword and turned her anger toward the invading Aklorians and thrown her considerable powers into defending her kingdom.

Four friends have joined together to aid their queen. Though destined to encounter ancient gods, primordial wonders, and marvelous inventions, foes and betrayal haunt their every step. A keen eye could prove vital, exposing essential clues. And as the companions make their way through darkness and light, they'll discover that those two extremes have more in common than they once imagined…

The basic play in Sudeki resembles the Final Fantasy series or the recent and brilliant Knights of the old Republic. You play one character in a group of four and can switch between characters in battle to utilize the correct character strengths at the right moment. Past this there is a lot of running around through what is a fairly strict track exploring, talking to people and generally enjoying the scenery. Fighting is made up of X and A button pressing and many combinations learned along the way.

With a look of the classic Nintendo series Zelda a beautiful world of fantasy, castles, monsters and armies. Sudeki takes you on a very well presented journey into the world of Illumina.

With Microsoft at the helm Sudeki is very tightly constructed with very little in the way of obvious faults. Other than some rather weak voice over work you will find yourself lost in Illumina and will want to hurry back to your Xbox to further your quest at any given opportunity.


Sudeki – Xbox Review
* Bone-crunching combat: Sudeki features intense combat with dozens of moves, slow-motion bullet time, earth-shaking spells, hundreds of destructive melees and ranged weapons, and group-based magical attacks known as spirit strikes.
* Hordes of enemies: Battle more than 65 enemies, ranging from Accursed Undead to a 90-foot Serpentine Siren.
* Unique and powerful allies: Play a team of four fierce heroes: a beautiful and deadly sorceress, a steam-punk gunslinger, a powerful man-at-arms, and a dark huntress. Conduct massive cooperative spirit strikes to devastate legions of foes.
* Heroes that build and grow: Choose how to develop your characters' skills, spell arsenal, weapons cache, and powers.
* Immense worlds to explore and tame: Sudeki is filled with hundreds of nonplayer characters and cunning enemies, as well as plot twists and turns fraught with danger.

Jaw-dropping graphics: A custom, next-generation graphic engine—built from the ground up for Xbox—features detailed facial animation, bump-mapping, fully dynamic shadows, and awesome scale.


6.5 out of 10

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