S.I.Futures - "The Mission Statement" Single Review

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5. S.I.Futures The Mission Statement (Album - Novamute)
With an imagination as wild as someone whos just dropped half a dozen microdots, Si Begg, the man behind as many projects as youve had hot dinners (Noodles :The Complete Death of Cool Bigfoot, Cabbageboy, Buckfunk 3000) conjures up from God-knows-where another warped and wild tale of make believe or is it?
Each album track represents one of the conference rooms at The Mission Statement conference dont ask. And a bit like the Mr Wonka of the music business, Si Begg guides us systematically around his weird and wonderful creations. We have The News in the Alexandra Suite, a jumbled concoction of typewriting noises and erratic beats which does sound surprisingly like an animated newsroom. Then we have an Assault On Precinct 14 happening in the Green Room by the sounds of the recording, a sinister alien assault.
The applauded recent single We Are Not A Rock Band is on there too in all its futuristic finery. And besides perhaps the Freq Nasty-style deep basslines the whole album sounds decidedly like a soundtrack George Orwell might have chosen for the big screen version of 1984.
Its all a little bit daft, and a little bit twisted belying the overactive mind behind it all. This is one musician youre never going to be able to take too seriously but nevertheless as the gentleman at the beginning says, its still another quality S.I.Futures product.