Radiohead - "I Might Be Wrong - Live Recordings" Album Review

Radiohead - I Might Be Wrong Album Review

Review of Radiohead's Live Recordings Album 'I Might Be Wrong' released through Parlophone

For a band who supposedly like to stay out of the limelight, Radiohead have done a bloody good job of making their presence felt within the music industry this year. Not content with releasing the much talked about Kid A, they then went on to release further tracks from the same recording sessions with Amnesiac and now, just in time for the Christmas rush, we get aural evidence of the this year's live performances in Oxford, Berlin, Oslo and Vaison La Romaine.

For anyone who actually got to see those limited live dates, very little needs to be said to about the proficiency of this band on stage. It was all there to be seen in its full glory. For those who've never had the chance, this album is not to be missed.

From the thunderous opening of The National Anthem, to the melancholic beauty of Morning Bell and the acoustic simplicity of new song True Love Waits this album harks back to the early days of Radiohead rock. Although most of the songs here are lifted from Kid A, an album which felt very much more impersonal and contrived that their previous material, live, it is as powerful, sentient and acutely moving as it's ever been.

And whats more. Theres no messing with these lads. Its straight to the point, straight to the music - none of your inane waffle or showmanship which means that later listens to the album won't become irritating with tired bits of commentary or crowd hysteria. Always a bonus on a live album.
Proper goosebump material