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Long Time Dead
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Long Time Dead Reviewed

This is one you won't want to watch on your own, get a few friends round or someone you want to get closer to and hold onto them for dear life.

Combining great performances with atmospheric urban locations and a truly terrifying storyline, 'Long Time Dead' is guaranteed to take horror fans on an adrenalin pumping ride. The great thing is that this film is not another American export of young hapless kids been picked off like lambs to the slaughter one by one, on the contrary, the UK blockbuster features edgy performances from a cast of hip, young up and coming talent.

Joe Absolom, best known for his role as Matthew in EastEnders, makes his feature film debut alongside Lara Belmont ('Bread and Roses', 'The War Zone'), Lukas Haas ('Witness', 'Mars Attacks!') and Melanie Gutteridge ('Large') in this tale of a group of friends who dabble into the world of the occult - with devastating consequences.

Directed by Marcus Adams, currently filming 'Octane' with Madeleine Stowe and Jonathan Rhys-Meyer, and made by Working Title ('Notting Hill', 'Bridget Jones' Diary', 'About A Boy'), this is "a horror a cut above" - (The Sun).The director creates a chilling atmosphere with a cinematic genre not often seen ,the realism is enhanced by the fresh talent of the young British cast drawing you closer in to the unfolding plot.

Rob (Joe Absolom), Stella (Lara Belmont) and their group of friends are bright young things looking for kicks. Following a night of clubbing, they and a bunch of friends set about looking for the ultimate buzz. When someone suggests messing around on a ouijaboard, no-one objects.

The action takes place on the dingy top floor of a warehouse they embark on summoning spirits from the other side. But when a sinister message is spelt out, someone gets spooked and breaks the link.

Unbeknown to the friends, a dark demon - Djinn - has been unleashed, triggering a series of gruesome deaths among the group.

Long Time Dead @ www.contactmusic.com
Long Time Dead @ www.contactmusic.com
Long Time Dead @ www.contactmusic.com
Long Time Dead @ www.contactmusic.com

With fear and suspicion gripping the remainder of the group, the race is on to find out how to banish the Djinn. Yet one of the friends bears an ominous secret from his past and as it begins to come to light, it becomes increasingly apparent that exorcising the spirit is not going to be possible without further fatal consequences.

This is bloody Scary buy it at your peril !

In the wake of its hugely successful theatrical and rental release, VVL now announces a 23 Sept retail VHS and DVD release for the film that injects a healthy dose of Brit grit into a traditionally US genre.

Released on VHS & DVD: 23rd September 2002
Run Time: 90 mins
Certificate: 15

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