PS2 - Le Tour De France Centenary Edition Reviewed

Le Tour De France Centenary Edition

PS2 - Le Tour De France Centenary Edition Reviewed

Konami Celebrates the 100th Anniversary of the Tour De France, the worlds most famous cycling event, with the release, which ties in with this years 2003 tournament, of a brand new cycling simulation on the Playstation 2, Le Tour De France: Centenary Edition.

Le Tour De France: Centenary Edition is a follow up to a previous interpretation of the Tournament released on PS2 a while ago, the previous instalment however was deemed unsuccessful. Konami, never ones to quit have had another crack at creating a realistic version of the famous event. Have they been successful? Well as long as it is an improvement from the previous attempt we shouldn’t be too disappointed.

PS2 rEVIEW - Le Tour De France Centenary Edition

Le Tour De France: Centenary Edition is an impressive simulation of the tournament with the game offering officially endorsed riders and teams it is certainly a lot more fun to play than its prequel. The inclusion of enhanced tactical elements, new game features and six new tracks based of those in the 2003 tournament add realism and authenticity to the game. The game relies rather heavily on energy management and the effective slipstreaming of opponents.

Playing the game initially you may be frustrated with poor standard of cyclist you are provided with preventing you from braking or turning effectively, which can prove to be a problem when faced with a 90 degrees bend after gliding down a hill at 70mph.Gamers are given the option of participating either in Arcade, Time Trial, Head to Head modes or the infamous Tour de France/ Career mode. The much improved career mode offers the challenge of guiding a young rookie to glory, acquiring prize money improving reputation, earning new bike parts, upgrading skills, unlocking helmets and wheel trims etc while you strive to secure the Maillot Jaune (Yellow Jersey).

The inclusion of various officially recognised elements add to the realism of the game, The Paris, Lyon, Narbonne, St Girons, and Dax areas of the course have been accurately recreated, official teams have also been included in the game such as, Team Telekom, US Postal Service Presented by Berry Floor, Team CSC, Crédit Agricole, Sidermec, Once - Eroski, Fassa Bortolo, Cofidis, le Crédit par Téléphone,, Kelme - Costa Blanca, Quick Step - Davitamon, Lotto - Domo.
The game also includes the official cyclist for each team.

The game controls have also been improved, tuck moves can now be executed to gain extra speed, cyclists can lean back to slow down to improve turning, stamina levels have also been incorporated to affect the pedalling system. Riders are also able to interact with other riders on the same team, requesting energy boosting drinks or even shield you from the wind.

There is no doubt that cycling fans are going to love the game, since as far as I’m aware, Le Tour De France: Centenary Edition is an impressive simulation of the event with significant enhances in game play, realism and visuals from the previous edition and is an ideal way to mark the 100th anniversary for the famous sporting event