Kinky - Atlas - Album review - out now on Sonic360


Kinky Atlas Album review out now on Sonic360

Having enjoyed immense success with their self-titled debut album, a double Grammy nomination and a huge tour, stunning Mexican band Kinky return with their second album Atlas. Yes, the ominous second album while proving to their loyal fans that they haven't sold out and at the same time opening up their style to a wider & larger audience the second album can sort the men out from the boys and has been the stumbling block for many who have gone before.

Again, the album cooks up a veritable musical stew with tons of nourishing ingredients such as dance music, rock, pop, hip-hop beats and psychedelic melodies all thrown into the pot. With all these elements being beautifully fused together with an

Music - Kinky  Atlas  Album review  out now on Sonic360

irresistible Mexican spice you are able to loose all sense of era or genre when listening. Their style can be called world beat for want of a better label - but this doesn't alter the fact that Kinky are a truly original band and have a keen eye for a great tune.

For the most part, English is their preferred method of communication and they're able to massage the language to suit their own needs, although, when reverting to their natural tongue no conviction or interest is lost. What I find most impressive is the fact the songs have been crafted beautifully the writing is cool & reminds me often of Beck. The production is fresh and the musicianship is superb.

Rather than go through the album track by track I favor saying get yourself into a store to buy this one it is a difficult record to reduce due to the scrapbook approach with which it has been created.

In the same way as other Hispanic acts to have success in the wider world - such as ozomatli - Kinky would translate fantastically into the live show scenario and should be billed and watched at each and every festival this summer.

Kinky play at the Royal Festival Hall on Sat 24th April. The gig is part of La Linea festival.

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