Green Day -American Idiot - Album Review

Green Day

Green Day - American Idiot - Album Review

American Idiot
Released: 20 th September
Reprise Records

Following their recent politically fuelled single “American Idiot,” Greenday follow up this promising taster with the follow-up to 2000 album “Warning.” Like it’s title track, this 40-minute offering, is no less political and no less Greenday.

A concept album featuring characters such as Jesus of Suburbia and St. Jimmy, “American Idiot” tackles issues regarding the country’s

Green Day - American Idiot - Album Review

government, in particular their leader, using epic song-writing and a mixture of driving and melodic punk to convey their bold messages.

Title track and current single “American Idiot” opens the album as it means to go on and leads into the first of two concept epics, “Jesus of Suburbia.”

A story following a youth growing up, having choices to make who represents the population, having his choices ignored, and being brainwashed in a scathing attack upon the country’s leadership. Positive messages to not believe all you hear and make your own mind up make up this concept.

“To run and run away, to find what to believe,

And I leave behind this hurricane of fuckin lies”

That sentiment sums it up perfectly, a concept covering lies, government ignorance of the citizens, and angry attacks against the country’s leadership, all cleverly written lyrics, matched with melodic punk, as in “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” which on top seems to ooze romanticism, think again! This teasing song expresses angst against a false sense of democracy.

My shadow is the only one that walks beside me,

My shallow hearts the only thing that’s beating”

Don’t fear, they’ve not gone slow melody soft, Greenday pack out a fair amount of powerful and driving tunes like only they can, and continuing the theme, “Holiday” is far from a fortnight in the sun.

A scathing and angry attack against and attacks against the US, which allegedly happened whilst the great leader was on holiday, conveyed in the lyrics and the powerful guitars, not lessened by the growled vocals:

“Bombs away is your punishment,

Pulverise the Eiffel Towers”

Second story “Homecoming” is a homecoming in itself for the band, a great epic taking you on a journey to the albums close, and through the life of St. Jimmy.

A man living alone in a city who’s inhabitants have been sent to war, whilst he’s left working at his desk. Dismissed the chance to do something for his country, St. Jimmy bored of routine, meets a sticky end.

“East 12 th Street” statement “Does anyone care if nobody cares” sums it up well, as all the attention is devoted to the heroic soldiers. It’s not all a bed of roses, as the soldiers return from their own nightmare, and can’t wait to get home as they march their homecoming parade, to effective military drum beats and guitar riffs.

Not the only ones being welcomed, Greenday celebrate their homecoming and make a welcome return to the music scene with this, their seventh studio album, quite an achievement!

Katherine Tomlinson