FC Kahuna - Dirty Vegas @ the Cockpit, Leeds. 9/03/03

FC Kahuna / Dirty Vegas @ the Cockpit, Leeds. 9/03/03
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FC Kahuna / Dirty Vegas @ the Cockpit, Leeds. 9/03/03
A full house at the Cockpit eagerly chewed their gum with anticipation for the home coming of Leeds born dance duo Jon and Dan Kahuna.
After three years of near hibernation Dan and Jon, aka the Kahuna Brothers of Big Kahuna Burger fame, are back, with a debut album, FC Kahuna's 'Machine Says Yes', the City Rockers record label and a new electro movement behind them.
Picking up the gauntlet thrown down by the Chemical Brothers, they transformed the lager fuelled excitement of back room bar beats into a superstar-creating monster.
Everyone wanted a piece of the action and some got it. None more so than Fatboy Slim and Skint records, who used the Kahunas as their A&R model.
But somehow the Kahunas missed out.
You could understand if they now felt bitter, but instead they're surprisingly upbeat about what they now describe as 'a bunch of people in wigs sampling records they bought down a car boot sale'.
FC Kahuna came on to the stage and gave the gum chewers exactly what they had ordered. Their set started with the hard bass line of 'Mircocuts', followed by 'Glitterball' a slightly trance lead track with Cabaret Voltaire under tones. At this point they unveiled their Icelandic singer 'Hafdis Huld' of Icelandic group Gus Gus, whose vocals, lend themselves beautifully to their new single 'Hayling'. On first listening to this track you could be forgiven for thinking you are listening too 'Air', but on closer inspection the bass and drum rift is unmistakably FC. A truly beautiful track, and very well received.
After slowing the tempo down for 'Hayling' the Kahuna brothers hit home hard with 'Nothing is wrong' and 'Machine says Yes' both with good strong vocals and bass that shook the walls.
Finishing their set with 'Mind set to cycle', and left the crowd wanting more….
And more is what you stall have, Super Furry Animals' front man Gruff Rhys and Verve bassist Simon Jones have been working with big beat stars Dan and Jon Kahuna. Look out for the collaborations on a new album by the Kahuna duo, which is set to surface in September. They've also been working with Boston-based US country singer Eileen Rose.
FC Kahuna / Dirty Vegas @ the Cockpit, Leeds. 9/03/03 @ www.contactmusic.com
FC Kahuna / Dirty Vegas @ the Cockpit, Leeds. 9/03/03 @ www.contactmusic.com
FC Kahuna / Dirty Vegas @ the Cockpit, Leeds. 9/03/03 @ www.contactmusic.com

Also on the bill Grammy winners 'Dirty Vegas'. Who have ridden the wave of their album success, by also being nominated for five US dancestar awards.
Kicking off their set with the high energy head bobbing track 'Alive'.
The vocals by singer/songwriter Steve Smith are several notches above the usual Eurotrash techno, tinged with darkness and regret. This comes through on ' Ghosts' and the hit single 'Days go by' , played with great energy and the occasion bongo solo thrown in for good measure. The biggest track of the night was 'I Should Know', where Smith played his acoustic to perfection.
A nice touch to the set was the addition of the cover of Smashing Pumpkins '1979', which was carried off well by the dirty team.
The encore "Simple things," was well played before seamlessly interjecting lines from Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall Part 2". It didn't make much sense; but it works. Don't ask me why?
It is evident from a single listen to ether of the two bands, FC or Dirty why they are held in such high esteem. It has restored my faith in the state of the UK dance scene.
What better way to spend a Sunday evening, I've worn a smile all week.