British Sea Power - Carrion Single Reviewed

British Sea Power - Carrion
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British Sea Power- Carrion- Rough Trade Records

British Sea Power
Rough Trade Records

British Sea Power has got what it takes. An independent musical character goes a long way.

Having already gained a fan base which includes 'The Flaming Lips' and 'Jarvis Cocker' and having Interpol cover one of there songs - which is a big compliment BSP are making waves.

British Sea Power - Carrion   @

A hint of Jarvis is in there somewhere within the array of streaming Guitars. Any indie fan shouldn't be disappointed. Carrion is made up of 6 songs this being the main one and also the best. A mixture of warm guitars and smooth vocals provides us with easy listening rock and an all round sharp slice of rock. The second track is more upbeat adds biting vocals and generally a bit fiercer and a lot more in your face. An instrumental soundtrack is the third part of this single which is excellent and very professional. It even portrays a touch of organ in there that fits well with the whole track. This could easily provide a slot for a film or TV soundtrack. So far know one has had a bad word to say about them. Guaranteed to do well in the Industry perhaps not massively successful but comfortable. Even adding another string to their bow is the great album release. Again they show a blaze of triumph. They remain both new and exciting so go shoppers go.

Liam Golder