James Bond - 007 - Everything or Nothing Xbox review

007 - Everything or Nothing

James Bond - 007 - Everything or Nothing Xbox review

Ian Fleming's James Bond has always epitomized the thrill of existing outside of the law within the realm of the secret agent. 007 can kill the baddies, get the girl and save the world without breaking into a sweat he is the coolest action character of all time.

The first time 007 made it onto a console was way back in the mid-nineties in the Nintendo/ Rare classic title Golden eye. Golden eye was a first person shooter not unlike half-life etc. but the developers did manage to portray Mr. Bond quite well and introduced clever gadgets and Bond style heroin's making for quite an interesting and still sentimentally remembered title. Since then James Bond has featured in numerous first person shooters mimicking his silver screen escapades. Some OK, some terri ble. Finally, EA have broken the mold..woo hoo!!

EA have realized that an agent as versatile as Bond is tragically limited by the constraints of the first person shooter

Games - James Bond - 007 - Everything or Nothing Xbox review

model. There is so much more James Bond can offer. EA's latest Bond game, Everything or Nothing, is a third-person action game that blends shooting, driving, and other types of action together in a seamless fashion, delivering an awesome experience that puts you in 007's shoes better than any game to come before it.

Everything or Nothing isn't based directly on a James Bond movie. This may sound like a negative but it actually works out to be a positive. I am not really a fan of games based around movies & EA have had license to create a storyline that particularly suites the world of gaming. For the first time, actor Pierce Brosnan lends his voice to a Bond game, which adds additional authenticity to Everything or Nothing. The vocal cast also includes John Cleese, Dame Judi Dench, Richard Kiel, Willem Dafoe, Shannon Elizabeth, Heidi Klum, and singer Mya, who both performs the game's theme song and appears in the game as an NSA agent.

While using Hollywood talent in games is nothing new, EA has actually based the looks of the characters on their real-life counterparts. So, for instance, Q has not only John Cleese's voice, but also his likeness. All of this combines to make the game feel like a very big production that exceeds what's been done in past Bond games.

The storyline fits into the Bond legacy pretty well. Willem Dafoe plays an ex-KGB agent named Nikolai Diavolo. Diavolo is said to have worked with former Bond Uber-villain Max Zorin, who fans of the movies will remember as the bad guy played by Christopher Walken in A View to a Kill. Another blast from the past is the appearance of Jaws, the metal-mouthed behemoth from Bond's even more distant past. The plot of the game focuses on nanobot technology--Diavolo wants to use microscopic machines for his evil needs, and it's up to 007 to prevent him. Along the way, you'll save the girl, break the necks of some henchmen, and blow up many things including dams, airplanes, army installations & tanks and you even get to give a sensual massage.

Graphically, James Bond has never looked so good. The actors are rendered perfectly and the scenery is smooth and beautifully detailed. The frame rate never falters and the sound is stunning. I did have my reservations before playing 007 Everything or Nothing. The fact that EA had artistic freedom with such a loved character was a worry to me. Although, now - I feel there is no need for anymore movies we should live out our future Bond fantasies in the realm of the console game. If you like shooting, driving, fighting and a thrilling ride then you could do much worse than 007 Everything or Nothing.

8.5 out of 10

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