Review of Build Library Here (Or else!) Album by Pagan Wanderer Lu

Pagan Wanderer Lu
Build Library Here (Or else!)
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Pagan Wanderer Lu Build Library Here (Or else!) Album

Pagan Wanderer Lu may look like Declan Donnelley from Ant and Dec, but that is where the similarity ends. OK they are both talented people that make it look like what they do easy.

Build Library Here (Or Else!) is a reissued version of his 2005 album since the success from his EP The Independent Scrutineer. So what will this album have to offer? A thirteen-track monster ready to be unleashed!

The album kicks off with an acoustic number that owns a tint of sarcasm, but once you enter Show Me Yr Knuckles it is hole different kettle of fish. This is a total contrast from the first track and makes you realise that you are going to in for an interesting ride. Show Me Yr Knuckles is like something that has been lifted from an Ash album (When they were a full good band). It just seems like Pagan Wanderer Lu is in his very own toyshop

Obscurity hits at this point in the shape of Keep The Weather Out, which sounds like he is singing in the shower. A mad track that although his vocals are a bit ropey, if you sit back and just appreciate the music then you will still love it.

To add further to the weird world of Pagan Wanderer Lu is (Sick Of) Playing Solo. This is something that is confused on whether or not it is a folk number or an electro style track? At times though it seems to sound like a keyboard demo has been left on in the background. Yet on the flip side this is so f***ing infectious (excuse the language).

About halfway into the album and we move into a new direction, we enter a rock phase with 2 Bullets. Is this album the life and times of Pagan Wanderer Lu?? A short quirky number straight to the point, nuff said. The rock style is carried on with O Peter! (Won't hear my mournful strum?), which has some awesome heavy guitar riffs and a heavy baseline. Unfortunately this is all spoilt by the simple fact Pagan for some bizarre reason decides to try and change his vocals. It is like he is putting on a voice that is a real shame because the song would sond great apart from this.

As we get nearer to the end Pagan hits out with a total raw track that gives you the sense he has just turned up, done the song in one attempt with no tunning of guitars or anything like that, madness. The madness seems to fade away and with the likes of Harp and Chainsaw and Yr On My Shoulder Pagan uses his talents to mellow you out and finish of relaxed.

The beauty about Pagan Wanderer Lu is, he does exactly what he says on the tin. This guy wanders around the different genres of music and will NOT be pinned down to a certain style. It would be great for Pagan Wanderer Lu and Napoleon Third to do a collaboration together, because if these two musical brain got together there would most certainly be fireworks.

If you hold the original release of this and this guys does well, then you are one of the very lucky few to surely have a collector's item. The thing is that who would actually believe you because these were a proper DIY special. Card board, cut outs and a prit-stick is what made the release of this. Madness in a CD!

Mark Moore

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