Saturday the 20th of April 2013 sees the second anniversary of Europe's best (and first) all-day celebration of the music of Guided By Voices. Dayton, Ohio's favourite sons have created some of the most under-rated and unmissable alt-rock of the last three decades, and have perhaps become the dictionary definition of 'cult band'. It is only fitting then that an event dangerously treading the line of obsession is held in their honour, and EuroHeedfest III is a calendar must for every Robert Pollard aficionado this side of the Atlantic. 

Held at The Windmill in Brixton, London the delightfully monikered Band Of Pricks (with 'support' if you will from Joe Innes & The Calvacade) promise to play over 125 songs from the bands' gargantuan back-catalogue, a feat that would take a whole weekend for a tribute to most bands but which could well be wrapped up within three hours for GBV. Vocal duties are to be shared between members of the band, patrons of the event on two 'karaoke' sets and acclaimed actor Paddy Considine, star of Dead Mans Shoes and Le Donk, who is a self proclaimed Guided By Voices obsessive himself.

The event is priced at a generous £6, running from 3pm until midnight with a free BBQ in the evening, which promises to be a great deal for even the most casual GBV fan.


Jordan Dowling