When 29.03.2013

'Muriel's Wedding' director PJ Hogan discusses the true story behind his new film, 'Mental' in a press junkett interview'.

He explains that the story was based on actual events from his childhood when he and his siblings were landed with a crazy nanny. 'My mother had a complete nervous breakdown and was institutionalised', he admits. He picked Toni Colette to play the nanny as they've 'always wanted to work together again' following 'Muriel's Wedding'. He discusses his use of 'outrageous comedy' was done to his wanting to be 'politically incorrect'. 'I think anybody who is a primary caregiver for somebody who suffers a mental illness will tell you that if you don't find a laugh, you yourself go mad', he says, after mentioning that two of his siblings have mental illnesses and he has two autistic children.


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