SHARON OSBOURNE shocked fans on her daytime chat show this morning (25NOV03) - when she took botox injections on air.

The wife of Ozzy Osbourne is outspoken about of the long list of cosmetic surgeries she's undergone, and was keen to share her latest experience with viewers of THE SHARON OSBOURNE SHOW.

She said, "I've been really open with all the plastic surgery work that I've had done. In case you've forgotten, I'll kind of list everything that I've had done: I'd had a tummy tuck, body lift, lipo on my hips, butt lift, thigh lift, face lift, eyelid lift, breast lift and botox.

"I had to get them to write that on the prompter because it's so much I couldn't remember what I had done!"

And to prove her pride in her procedures, Sharon introduced her studio audience to her cosmetic surgeon DR LESLIE STEVENS before asking him to inject face-freezing botox around her eyes for everyone to see.

She said, "I think that botox is one of the best things that's ever been created for cosmetic surgery. There's no recuperation, it doesn't hurt. You literally go in, have it done and out! I wanted to show everyone how easy it is.

"It could only be here that you get applauded for having bleeding botox put in your face!"

Surgery-loving Sharon also took time out to ask Dr Stevens if he could redo her breasts and the tops of her arms during her days off before Thanksgiving (27NOV03). She even hopes to film that procedure.

25/11/2003 21:13