Ozzy Osbourne is to become an Earth Troll.

The former Black Sabbath frontman - dubbed the 'Prince of Darkness' - will make a guest voiceover appearance in an episode of Disney Channel animation series 'Fish Hooks' as the beastly sea creature.

Entitled 'Legend of the Earth Troll', the show will see the 62-year-old rocker take on a new guise as the superhero of the recycling world as fishy friend Oscar - voiced by actor Justin Roiland - encourages his pal Milo (Kyle Massey) to discover just how important saving the planet is.

In an attempt to change his ways, Milo goes full steam ahead on the recycling front but ends up taking things too far and endangering his friends and teachers.

However, luckily, Ozzy's underwater alter-ego is there to save the day and help misinformed Milo see the error of his ways.

The British star isn't the only high-profile name to appear in 'Fish Hooks'.

Recurring guest stars in the kids' animation series have included 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' actress Edie McClurg, 'The King of Queens' comic Jerry Stiller and comedienne Rachel Dratch.