Ozzy Osbourne is ''feeling better every day''.

The Black Sabbath rocker has been battling Parkinson's disease and whilst he is improving, his progress is ''so slow''.

He shared: ''I'm feeling better every day. It's so slow. I go in the swimming pool for an hour every day. I work out every day.''

And the 71-year-old musician insists he ''ain't done yet'' with his career and has vowed to return to the stage again.

He said: ''It catches up with you in the end. I've got no complaints. I've had a great career. I had a great time. And I ain't done yet ... As soon as I get back on my feet I'll go out. I can't wait. Pandemic or not, I can't wait ... I will be happy as well. If my life ended on a stage, so be it. That's the place I belong.''

To which Sharon added: ''Once they allow artists to go back and perform, if I have to I'll wheel him on.''

Ozzy wants to be a ''nice guy'' and ''help people out''.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, he added: ''I just do what I do. I try and be a nice guy. I try and help people out. What I'm proud of is carrying the torch on and giving someone else a ride.''

Meanwhile, Ozzy went public with his Parkinson's diagnosis in January but insisted it will not stop him from touring.

He said: ''Well the one questions from me was, 'Is it a terminal illness?', and the guy says, 'No, but life is'. It's just another thing on my plate I have got to deal with. I'm not in the slightest worried about it. I've not got any secrets. The initial shock is I've got Parkinson's. Nobody knows what the f*** it is. I didn't know anything about it apart from the name.''