Ozzy Osbourne is considering setting up a fake band to allow him to release different styles of music in secret.
The former Black Sabbath star admits he's desperate to explore different genres of music, but he's convinced he will face a backlash from fans if he strays from his heavy metal roots.
So the rocker is pondering the idea of creating a "fictitious" group as a front to allow him to release new styles of songs.
He says, "Being Ozzy Osbourne is great. I mean, it's been wonderful being the singer of Black Sabbath. Having all those hits through Sabbath and then on my solo career is one thing, but then if I want to do anything branching away from the heavy stuff, people will go, 'Oh, he's sold out. Oh, he's not doing it. Oh, he's singing a love song. Oh, he's singing about the...' or whatever.
"I would like to form a fictitious band just to make a different record, but it's the time it would take... I mean, it takes me all my time just to do an Ozzy record. But I would dearly like to get a mini-supergroup together. Nothing like heavy rock, like a bluesy vibe."