A 'Wedding Crashers' sequel is reportedly in development.

Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn are set to reprise their roles as John Beckwith and Jeremy Gray respectively in a new HBO Max project – a report in the industry paper Production Weekly has claimed.

The new movie is reportedly due to begin production in Puerto Rico in August but it is not yet known if Will Ferrell, Christopher Walken, Bradley Cooper or Jane Seymour will return for the project - although Isla Fisher and Rachel McAdams will be making appearances.

The original 2005 film featured Owen and Vince as Beckwith and Gray, two divorce lawyers who crash weddings in an attempt to meet and seduce women and proved to be a hit with both critics and audiences.

Vaughn had hinted that a sequel could be in the pipeline last year when he revealed that he had been in discussions with Wilson and director David Dobkin about the possibility of making a second movie.

The 51-year-old actor said: "Owen and I and the director of ‘Crashers’ have been talking for the first time seriously [about] a sequel to that movie.

"So there has been an idea that is pretty good. So we are talking about that in the early stages."

Will made a cameo appearance as funeral crasher Chazz Reinhold and has also previously hinted at another 'Wedding Crashers' film.

The 'Anchorman' star said: "'Wedding Crashers 2', yeah. I think we can just say it’s being written."

On his idea for a script, Will explained: "How about if it’s just the lawyers representing everyone in divorce court? And just make it like a legal courtroom drama, not funny at all."