Owen Wilson was disappointed not to work with Jamie Lee Curtis on 'Haunted Mansion'.

The 54-year-old actor features in the new Disney movie as priest Kent but lamented shooting his scenes separately from the 'Halloween' actress who stars as the floating head in a crystal ball Madame Leota.

Owen told ComicBook.com: "Well, I don't get to work with Jamie Lee Curtis, and I was a little bit sort of, 'Oh, gosh. That's too bad.'

"But that was only sort of made more clear, because we were doing some press the other day, and she has great energy, and she's a very formidable person. I'm a bit more slow, from Texas, and she's, you know... But I really enjoy her energy.

"It's a great cast. I think that's kind of been one of the pleasures, hopefully, for people in seeing this movie is sort of seeing the different famous faces that pop up."

Despite missing out on collaborating with Jamie, Owen was thrilled that he got the chance to share scenes with Danny Devito – who plays the role of historian Bruce in the picture based on the Disneyland attraction.

The 'Wedding Crashers' star said: "I couldn't ask to be slapped by anyone better and more impressive and great than Danny DeVito.

"And that is kind of somebody that I was really excited to work with. And my friend, Woody Harrelson. They're friends and Woody had just said how great Danny is. And so it was fun to finally get to know him."