STARSKY + HUTCH star Owen Wilson is reportedly attending ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS meetings in a bid to kick his drinking habit.

According to British newspaper THE NEWS OF THE WORLD, the actor - who plays the KEN 'HUTCH' HUTCHINSON in the remake of the 70's TV series - has enrolled at an AA programme near his home in Santa Monica, California.

A source tells the newspaper, "Owen enrolled in the programme because he has a problem with alcohol and he badly needs to do something about it."

Ironically, David Soul, who played Hutch in the original show, fought his own alcohol battle.

The source adds, "It was as if the ghost of David Soul was hanging over him. His drinking was getting the better of him and that's when he started going to AA.

"He just wants to nip his drinking problem in the bud. He felt things were going too far and didn't want to wait until they were out of control."

21/03/2004 14:20