Owen Wilson is apparently expecting his second child with an already-married Swedish personal trainer. Although Caroline Lindqvist is separated from her husband, plastic surgeon Ritu Chopra, the pair have not divorced and Caroline is now allegedly pregnant with the actor's baby.

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Owen Wilson Is Reportedly Expecting Another Baby.

Owen and Caroline allegedly met in 2007 shortly after his split from Kate Hudson and subsequent suicide attempt. He hired the former ballerina to be his personal trainer. Their friendship blossomed and evolved into "regular sex romps," said a source speaking to the National Enquirer, via The Daily Mail. The source added that "Caroline broke the [pregnancy] news to Owen this past May, shortly after confirming that he was the father."

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It Is Disputed When Owen & Caroline Met, And Whether She Was Still Married.

Caroline, 41, is now reportedly six months pregnant and filed for divorce from her husband in May. However, if she is planning on making arrangements for a life with Owen, he apparently has other plans. The 44 year-old Wedding Crashers actor is happy about the pregnancy but is not planning on beginning a serious relationship with Lindqvist, according to Star magazine; a decision that is a big problem for Caroline. "Owen plans on being fully involved, but has no intentions of settling down with Caroline, which is tearing her up," said Star's source.

The former personal trainer now works in real estate in Malibu and though Star reports that she was legally married when she began her fling with Wilson, Radar Online dispute the claim, saying the couple were physically and legally separated at the time.

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Owen's Son's Mother Is Said To Be "Cool" About The Pregnancy.

Furthermore, Lindqvist's Beverly Hills plastic surgeon husband is said to be completely shocked by the news. "Ritu had no idea about her history with Owen, so he was completely blindsided by the news of Caroline's pregnancy," the source added. Owen currently has a 2 year-old, Robert, with his ex-girlfriend Jade Duell but five months after his son's birth Owen and Jade split up.

Jade is said to be aware of Caroline's pregnancy and has asked that she not give birth in Wilson's Hawaii home where Robert was born: she wants it to remain special to her. Wilson feared that his ex would react badly to Caroline's pregnancy but according to The Enquirer, things went better than expected when it came to breaking the big news.

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Wilson Is Apparently Not Planning On Settling Down.

"Owen was dreading telling Jade about Caroline being pregnant because she can be a real spitfire when she gets angry," a source revealed "Jade was shocked but she kept her cool at least for now."

Neither Wilson nor Lindqvist have publically commented on the matter.