Ou Est Le Swimming Pool, Interview

29 October 2009

Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - Interview

Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - Interview

Interview with Ou Est Le Swimming Pool

It is all happening for Andelé Peligroso Pericosima, Fernando P.I. and Affa Da who make up the bizarrely named Camden trio, Ou Est Le Swimming Pool. Their eighties inspired electro-pop has earned them a dedicated fan-base and their energetic live shows have secured a support slot for La Roux's upcoming tour. Contactmusic.com chatted to them about the upcoming tour, their bizarre name and their reluctance to be pigeonholed into the current eighties revival scene.

CM: Hi Guys! What are you up to at the moment?

We just did an interview with Nick Grimshaw on Radio 1 last night after a rowdy gig in the East End. Grimmy, and more importantly his mum, are big fans!

CM: You're based in Camden, the 'Mecca' of London's music scene, how has that influenced you?

In no way at all really, but we love living there!

CM: What do you think about the current revival in 80s influenced music at the moment? Is it difficult to keep the music fresh and current?

We're not aiming to be pigeon holed into the whole 80's revival thing. We just happen to use lots of classic 80's synths .But it's great the 80's are getting a second chance.

CM: There are definite Pet Shop Boys and Human League elements to your music, who would you say are your main influences?

We always get likened to these bands, but we never listened to the Pet Shop Boys until we were told we sounded like them. If you want an eighties hero of ours..Falco!

CM: What current bands are you listening too?

Not the Sugarbabes! But we love Mpho, Diplo, Dan Black, Man Like Me and Temper Trap.

CM: Your single 'Dance The Way I Feel' is out on 9th November, how would you describe it?

Really, really, really good. REALISE!

CM: Any plans for an album?

Yes, the first quarter of next year. We've got 40 tracks already recorded. We're ordering a Philharmonic Orchestra for a few of the tracks and then we just need to make our selection. Real Talk!

CM: Your live show has been described as 'ridiculously entertaining', what can our readers expect when they see you live?

Knickers, Bras and Gunshots.

CM: You do have a couple of songs with comedic elements, like Alphabet Song - is it important to you to keep a fun side to your music? Are you worried that it might stop people seeing you as a serious band?!

No, we can change it up. Songs are written in many different moods and different times. When everyone's in high spirits in the studio we write fun music. As in the classic Beastie Boys-esque Alphabet Song.

CM: You've got your own tour and then you're supporting La Roux on her tour. Are you looking forward to it? How do you prepare for a tour?!

Our tours have been Epic so far and we've met some amazing people along the way. But the La Roux tour is going to give us a chance to make many more imminent fans. The preparation is just rehearsals, juice and 3 for £10 from Sainsburys!

CM: It's been quite a year for you guys, playing with some huge names and playing 3 stages at your first Glastonbury; what has been the best bit?

Headlining at Koko was a massive moment for us.It's in Camden so it's home turf. Everyone we knew came down and made it an incredible night!

CM: How are you going to follow up the successes of this year?! What are your plans for next year?

Next year it's all about the album and releasing more beautiful hits for the masses. We'll be touring worldwide non-stop as well!!

Robyn Burrows

Site - http://www.myspace.com/ouestleswimmingpool


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