Oscar And The Wolf Announce Debut Album 'Entity' Plus Offer Free Download Of 'Strange Entity' (Friendsinparis Remix) [Listen]

Oscar And The Wolf Announce Debut Album 'Entity' Plus Offer Free Download Of 'Strange Entity' (Friendsinparis Remix) [Listen]

'Entity' is the full album debut from Oscar and the Wolf following the release of two ep's and a tour itinerary  that  appears to map a concerted attempt  to play every corner of Europe.

Both musically and visually, the heart of Oscar and the Wolf is one Max Colombie who, having composed much of the album in his bedroom in Brussels  then recorded in both London and in his native Belgium.

Any number of adjectives could attributed to 'Entity' but in essence the twelve tracks delve into Max's heart and soul - idiosyncratic synth pop overseen by the much lauded multi-instrumentalist / producer Leo Abrahams (Brian Eno, David Byrne, Jon Hopkins, Wild Beasts) who mixed the album in London.

Minimal moodiness,  sensual soundscapes, sometime sombre futuristic ambience coupled with the beguiling, often enthralling  persona  of Colombie, 'Entity'  is the first step into the alluring world of Oscar and the Wolf, one that is set to open up over the coming months.
'Entity' is
1.              Joaquim                                  7.              Somebody Wants You
2.              Bloom (Oh My Baby)        8.              Dream Car Ocean Drive
3.              Where Are You?                 9.              Princes (Got My Boys In The Water)
4.              Strange Entity                      10.           Nora
5.              Undress                                   11.           Under The Skin
6.              Aistiu                                         12.           Killer You