Max Colombie of Belgian alt-pop band Oscar and the Wolf opens up about how his musical project began and what to expect from the group now that they have released their debut album 'Entity', which will soon be followed by a 2015 European tour.

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Oscar And The Wolf talks inspirations and songwriting

Oscar And The Wolf was born from the idyllic Belgian city of Ghent in the Winter of 2010, where the innately creative frontman Colombie studied painting. It wasn't long before he turned his talents to music, inventing the band name and seeking out musicians to make up his vision. And while the line-up changed a fair few times as Oscar And The Wolf took form, it was in 2014 when they finally released their first record 'Entity'; a number one on Belgium's Ultrapop chart which has taken them towards the arenas. 

'I think when everything started coming together for me was the moment when the record was finished because that sort of set the style for Oscar And The Wolf', Colombie explains, though he still modestly maintains that he's not a 'professional' musician ('I cannot even read notes!').

Watch Oscar And The Wolf perform 'Strange Entity' here:

There definitely is a definitive style to Oscar And The Wolf's sound, marked largely by Colombie's unusual way of putting together a song and his thorough understanding of what makes his music stand out. 'I start with piano or guitar before a beat', he says. 'After I just create an English that doesn't exist like [makes unintelligible vowel sounds]. Then I put real words to the vowels because the vowels are super important for the sound.'

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Colombie doesn't just take his inspiration from other music either, admitting that various medias from dance and art to movies and TV shows help inspire his sound. 'The biggest inspirations for this album came from Polanski and Jonathan Glazer, Lars Von Trier as well', he reveals.

You can catch Oscar And The Wolf on tour this year with a string of Europe shows. He'll be playing sold out gigs in Belgium and The Netherlands, and will also visit Hungary, Luxembourg, France, UK and Germany. The festival season will also see them at Pinkpop Festival and the UK's Dot To Dot Festival.