Orlando Bloom went nude paddleboarding to fit in with the locals in Europe.

The 43-year-old actor was famous photographed naked on a paddleboard in Italy in 2016, with his now-fiancee Katy Perry clad in a bikini beside him, and Katy, 35, revealed the actor chose to strip off because many other people around them were naked.

Speaking to Howard Stern for his SiriusXM radio show, she said: ''Well it was Europe. And honestly we had had a pretty chill time for a week and everywhere we looked it was like everybody's naked, it's Europe, it's Italy. And I think he wanted to fit in with the locals and it was the end of the trip.''

Stern also asked Katy if she chose not to strip off because she knew they could be pictured by the paparazzi.

Explaining that Orlando ''tried to get me'' to go nude too, she said: ''I mean, I would have never like set him up, if I had a real thought, but in the back of my mind... I am Jim Carrey in 'The Truman Show' a little bit, so I thought maybe there would be a chance. I would say I'm a little more of the pragmatic in the partnership.

''All of the sudden, he is number one trending on Twitter and I was like, 'How? How?'''

During the chat, Stern recalled how he teased Orlando about the revealing pictures when he bumped into him at a party and added that the star is ''so f****** handsome''.

Katy, who is currently pregnant with her first child with Orlando, quipped that his looks are ''why I'm in this mess''.

Meanwhile, Katy also revealed Orlando is ''perfect'' for her because he isn't ''phased'' by her low moods.

She said: ''I showed him all of it and he still shows up and he's not phased by it. That's why he's perfect, because I'm a lot.''