Earlier this week, Orlando Bloom and his wife of three years Miranda Kerr announced that they were ending their marriage in amicable circumstances, having been together for six years. Their marital problems had been kept under wraps until the pair release a joint statement decreeing their separation, but apparently this split wasn't as sudden and unexpected as it first seemed, as the pair have reportedly been apart for some time.

Miranda Kerr Orlando Bloom
Orlando and Miranda were together for six years

Following the announcement of the split, Orlando was spoken to by a TMZ reporter on the streets, asking him whether he was well and whether he and Miranda are still on friendly terms. His response was swift and if anything it gave the impression that he wasn't hurting from the end of the marriage, indicating that it could well have been over long before it was announced. He did insist that the two are still on friendly terms - replying to a question on whether they are still friends by saying, "Of course. We're not friends, we're family." - but subsequent reports have suggested that their love has well and truly died away.

Speaking to Us Weekly, a source close to the pair admitted that the split was "a long time coming," with the magazine going on to describe how jolly Orlando seemed when he appeared on Friday's (25 October) edition of Live With Kelly and Michael. The split wasn't brought up during the talk, but even when the couple's son, 2-year-old Flynn, was brought up, the split seemed as though it was in the back of Orlando's mind.

Orlando Flynn Bloom
Orlando is a devoted dad to Flynn

The couple first got together in 2007, with Orlando proposing to Miranda three years later in June 2010. A month after the proposal, the two tied the knot and only a fewmonths after the wedding ceremony, their first and only child, Flynn, was born. In hindsight, the marriage did look as though it was rushed, and the possibility that their union was only prompted by Miranda's pregnancy - and only lasted for so long because of Flynn - shouldn't ruled out.

Orlando Bloom Miranda Kerr Oscars
The two may have been apart for longer than expected