Orlando Bloom is heartbroken after his and Katy Perry's dog Mighty went missing.

The 'Carnival Row' actor is offering a reward for the return of the red labradoodle after the pooch disappeared in Montecito, California.

Orlando - who is expecting his first child with fiancee Katy - asked that people only come forward with ''real info'' because his ''heart is already broken''.

Alongside a series of pictures of his beloved pet, the 43-year-old movie star wrote on Instagram: ''MIGHTY IS MISSING in Montecito California he is chipped and his collar has a number to call - if you take him to your local vet or shelter or police station he can be traced back to me for a reward please only send REAL INFO my heart is already broken so please don't add insult to injury (sic)''

The 'Pirates of the Caribbean' actor - who has nine-year-old son Flynn with ex-wife Miranda Kerr - adopted the pup in 2017.

Mighty's disappearance comes just months after Katy lost her cat, Kitty Purry.

The 'Dark Horse' hitmaker paid tribute to her late pet, as she thanked her for ''the cuddles and companionship along the way''.

She wrote on Instagram in April: ''Kitty Purry crawled through my then-boyfriend's window 15 years ago, fully pregnant and seeking shelter. Two litters and many moons later, this street cat became a lovable mascot to many. Sadly, Kitty completed her 9th life last night. I hope she rests in salmon fillets and tuna tartare way up in catnip heaven. Kitty, thanks for the cuddles and companionship along the way. Big thanks to my brother David and @garethwalters for being great co-parents ... #kittypurryforever (sic)''

Animal-lover Katy also has a dog called Nugget, which looks just like Mighty.

And two years ago, the 'Smile' singer almost lost the teacup poodle after it jumped off her bed and was unresponsive for three minutes.

Luckily, the 35-year-old singer's assistant saved the canine's life, when she performed CPR on the tiny dog and managed to bring her back from the brink.

In a video shared by the 'Swish Swish' singer, Tamra said at the time: ''I pushed on her little chest and I blew in her mouth and I brought her back to life.''