OMD stars Andy Mccluskey and Paul Humphreys agreed to reunite the band so they could enjoy a booze-fuelled trip to Germany.

The two founding members of the Enola Gay hitmakers parted ways in 1989 in a disagreement over their musical direction but they reunited in 2005 following a request to perform on a German Tv show.

Now the pop stars have revealed they were only tempted to get back together as the visit to Cologne was an excuse for a party.

Humphreys tells Mojo magazine, "We kept turning things down. But for some reason this time we phoned each other and said, 'It's a jolly (party trip) to Cologne, we only have to work for three minutes. Should we use it as an opportunity to see each other again?'"

MCCluskey adds, "Typical Omd. The whole thing re-started completely by accident, just like it started in the first place in 1978, which just seemed quite apposite."