Media magnate and billionaire Oprah Winfrey is set to extend her business empire by going into the food industry. Specifically, she will release her own line of healthy refridgerated soups and sides with Kraft Heinz this week, something that will no doubt boost the brand's image enormously. 

Oprah Winfrey at a screening for 'The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks'Oprah Winfrey at a screening for 'The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks'

The 63-year-old's endorsement of Weight Watchers was second to none, and now she's feeding us up herself with her new range of supermarket soups and side dishes that comes alongside the tagline 'O, That's Good'. Plus, she has been involved in the creation of the recipes herself at the Kraft Heinz kitchen in Chicago, she she can vouch for the quality.

Some of these tasty meals include mashed potatoes with cauliflower, parmesan pasta with white bean puree, and broccoli cheddar soup with butternut squash.

'It all started with the idea for the cauliflower mashed potatoes - the twist is really what sparked this whole idea', Oprah told USA Today. 'I was sitting at my table in my own home and had whipped up some cauliflower, trying to make myself think I was eating mashed potatoes, but it was not working. So I thought, 'What if I used a portion of the mashed potatoes and added the cauliflower? Then, I would have a substantive mashed potato-cauli dish.''

Having boosted Weight Watchers' earnings by 50% since she became a key investor and face in the business, it's likely she will have a similar effect on Kraft Heinz who are making the move to fresher produce because 'that's where the growth is', according to supermarket guru Phil Lempert.

There will be eight products to start off with, and 10% of all profits will be donated to charity. 'I've been asked over the years to attach my name to many product lines and would turn them down, because it really has to feel authentic to me', said Oprah. 'In this case, everyone knows I love healthy foods and cooking with food straight from my garden. I am always looking to make my meals more nutritious, without compromising on the comfort elements I love. Kraft Heinz approached me with a food line and they mentioned the idea of making nutritious food accessible to everyone... and I was hooked.'

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An ad campaign starring Oprah Winfrey is set to launch on October 2nd 2017.