One Hour Photo - Reviewed

Want to see something creepy? Robin Williams turns in a disturbing performance as a camera film developer Sy Parrish who takes an unhealthy interest in a family he comes to know through their snapshots.

Sy is revealed to be a lonely unloved nobody who deludes himself that he is almost part of the Yorkin family, taking a set of extra prints from every film the family have ever processed and displaying them dementedly all over his apartment wall.

Williams puts in an unsettling performance as Parrish as he turns from what at first seems like a well meaning stalker until, after the double whammy of being sacked and discovering the dark secrets of Mr.Yorkin through some dark room detective work, he is launched on a fast track to full blown psycho.
One Hour Photo drip-feeds us, an increasingly unsettling picture of the quietly psychotic Parrish with a number of misleading crescendos that keep you squirming throughout. The steady pacing of revelations about the extent of Parrish's delusion makes being in front of this film a steadily more and more uncomfortable place to be as Williams manages to be both seemingly harmless and wildly unbalanced at the same time.

Shot beautifully throughout by DOP Jeff Cronenweth, One-Hour photo quietly takes you to one side and shows you that even the most seemingly harmless and accommodating of fellow human beings can turn out to be an obsessive crazy person who knows where you live.

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