Robbie Williams might be sitting pretty at the top of the UK Album Charts after the weekend, but if said charts have taught us anything, it’s that time makes fools of us all, and we fully expect Mr. Williams – comparatively an elder statesman of the British pop world compared to this week’s leading contender – to fall by the wayside this coming weekend.

Who are these young bucks, Brylcreemed up and smelly freshly of Lynx ready take the crown that Robbie’s new LP told us so explicitly to watch? Why it’s One Direction of course, who’ve graduated to stardom Stateside too since the release of their first album Up All Night last year. The X Factor alumni bring out their follow-up Take Me Home this week, and you’d have to be one of Williams’ family to bet against the youngsters knocking auld Rob off his perch.

Watch 'Live While We're Young':

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though; wrinkly comeback kings The Rolling Stones release another greatest hits compilation this week. Titled Grrr!,the release ties in with their forthcoming 50th anniversary shows at the end of the month in London and New Jersey respectively and, if their fans aren’t still destitute from shelling out on tickets for the expensive shows, they might bag this album too.

Check out previously unreleased track 'One More Shot':

Christina Aguilera will be returning to UK chart battle this week too, with the release of her seventh album Lotus. Aguilera has certainly enjoyed a much-needed boost to her career with a couple of years on American Idol, but in the UK her profile hasn’t really been affected by it and we’re not expecting it to trouble the top spot, though a top 10 placing is likely.

Watch the video for 'Your Body':

There’s also the soundtrack from the final Twilight film Breaking Dawn – Part 2 to be reckoned with. Featuring an admirable diversity of artists, from rock big hitters Green Day to the pop chart botherers Passion Pit and Ellie Goulding via blog-loved St. Vincent, it will undoubtedly have been snapped up by rabid Twilight fans even if the soundtrack turned out to be covers of Skrewdriver b-sides by Britpop also-rans Terrorvision. It’s likely to make an impact.

See Green Day's official video for 'The Forgotten', included on the Breaking Dawn - Part 2 soundtrack:

The best of the rest features a trio of ageing rock heavy hitters. They may not be quite as leathery of skin as the Rolling Stones, but Soundgarden, the aforementioned Green Day and the Deftones have all been around the block. Soundgarden’s reunion has been going down rather better than some might’ve expected given the general awfulness of their front man Chris Cornell’s solo material; their sixth LP King Animal is their first since 1996’s Down On The Upside. For Green Day, meanwhile, iDos! is the second of three albums of theirs being released this Autumn and, with predecessor iUno! hitting second spot on release in September, they could well launch another assault on the upper echelons.

Watch Soundgarden's 'Been Away Too Long':

Our pick of this rock triad though is Deftones, whose mighty seventh LP Koi No Yokan is blowing our ears out even as we type this. Given its positive critical reception there are high hopes it could be the Americans metallers first UK top 10 album since 2003’s self-titled effort.

Listen to Deftones track 'Leather':