One Direction really do have everything after all. In a recently compiled list by Heat Magazine, the boy were revealed as the highest earning entertainment stars under-30's in the UK, with a combined worth of almost £60 million. Individually, the boys would be placed just outside the top ten, however when their wealth is combined they come out on top by a narrow margin.

One Direction
Young, successful and very rich

Last years top spot holder, Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe, was ousted by the combined earning power of the mega-successful boy band, who have an estimated worth of over £12 million each. The boys were included to the list as a joint entity because most of their earnings have been made as a group, rather than through independent ventures. Narrowly missing out on reclaiming his top spot for a third time, Radcliffe came in second this year with £56.19 million. Something tells us that the Kill Your Darlings actor isn't losing too much sleep over being ousted from the top spot.

Daniel Radcliffe
Radcliffe narrowly missed out on reclaiming the top spot

The list marked a first time appearance from producer Calvin Harris, who managed to climb to 8 in the poll with an estimate worth of £22.21 million, on the back of cracking the American market. The list also saw a few noticeable absentees from the list for the first time, with regulars Jamie Bell, Natasha Bedingfield, Paolo Nutini and Sienna Miller all missing from the list for the first time since it's 2010 inception. Bedingfield and Miller (both 31-years-old now) miss out on the list due to their age, whilst Paolo and Jamie have been eclipsed by higher earning stars, despite Bell's relative success at the movies recently.

The rest of the list offers few surprises and reads as a who's-who in the younger generation of British entertainers. Robert Pattinson, Keira Knightley and Emma Watson make up the rest of the top five. The full top ten is available below.

One Direction This is Us
The band have had their most successful year to date, and things look like they're only going up

Top 10 Richest British Celebrities

1. One Direction - £59.33 mil.

2. Daniel Radcliffe - £56.19 mil.

3. Robert Pattinson - £44.16 mil.

4. Keira Knightley - £37.28 mil.

5. Emma Watson - £27.93 mil.

6. Adele - £27.54 mil.

7. Rupert Grint - £24.09 mil.

8. Calvin Harris - £22.21 mil.

9. Cheryl Cole - £15.5 mil.

10. Leona Lewis - £14.45 mil.