A group of devotees, calling themselves the #TilTheEndFanProject, started raising money for the print ad in May (15) - and now they've achieved their goal, and their heroes are impressed.

The ad, which features four microphones with the bandmates' names unwinding as wires, reads: "Congratulations on the release of Made in the A.M." - the band's upcoming album.

The fans continue, "We'll be here long after the lights have dimmed and the screams have subsided... Thanks for being our everything."

Celebrating the publication of the ad, the devotees have added a post on their official website, which reads: "WE DID IT! It's hard to believe that it's finally happened! This was just an idea back in May, and there hasn't been a day since that hasn't involved the phrases 'that could work for the project...'

"We initially set up a GoFundMe to receive donations from other 1D fans, but it was hard going. We ended up spending plenty of late nights coming up with how to raise money... we sold fairy floss at our nephew's school fair... we started an etsy (online) store... anything we could. There were tears, tantrums and plenty of laughs.


Harry Styles and his bandmates caught sight of the ad this week (beg19Oct15) and took to Twitter to show their appreciation.

"To whoever is behind the page in @billboard magazine. Thank you. You have no idea how lovely you are," Styles tweeted, while Louis Tomlinson added, "This is amazing! Who organised this ad in Billboard? Thank you."