The One Direction boys have pulled in a cool £100 million in less than two years in the job. The group actually finished fourth on The X Factor, though have become easily the most successful act to emerge from Simon Cowell’s reality singing contest.

Their earnings – revealed in a chapter of Tom Bower’s biography on Cowell – make the boy-band one of Britain’s most financially successful groups of all time. This figure actually relates how much the five lads have earned themselves, and is separate from the £200 million they’ve already netted for Cowell and bosses at Sony. Bower writes, “The songs, publishing, discs, DVDs, merchandising and endorsements brought in huge profits, with the five members of the group together estimated to have earned nearly £100million. Naturally, Sony and Syco raked in much more.” Though sell-outs tours have raked in millions, the majority of One Direction’s earnings come from huge endorsements and merchandising deals with Nokia phones, Pokemon games and Hasbro toys. This month, they became the global face of Pepsi in a deal worth £11 million – this sum is not included in Bower’s estimations. Crikes.

Unsurprisingly, the loveable scamps have already begun spending their fortune, with Louis Tomlinson recently shelling out £2.5 million on a luxury five-bed North London house, while Zayn Malik paid £2.2 million for a similar pad. Harry Styles opted for a property in swanky East London.