One Direction and McBusted play golf together.

The 'Night Changes' hitmakers have been supported by the supergroup on their 'On The Road Again' world tour and when they have time off, the singers have less-than-rock and roll ways of relaxing.

McBusted singer Danny Jones said: ''We hang out with Niall Horan a lot. He often comes to chill with us after shows. We've written a few songs with him.''

Bassist Dougie Poynter added: ''We play golf with them too.''

And when they are not playing golf or performing, McBusted are very ''chilled out'' and no longer party the way they used to.

Matt Willis said: ''We're actually quite chilled out these days, we rarely get up to anything very raucous.

''We went to a casino recently but it wasn't very rock 'n' roll as we all left early to go to bed.

''It couldn't be any more different [now]/ Before, it was all about the fun that could be had off stage, now our main priority is doing the show to the best of our ability, then chilling out.

''After a show, we usually go for a couple of beers at a hotel bar then head back to the tour bus and watch 'Men Behaving Badly'.''

The 'Air Guitar' group admire 1D and don't think they could have coped with the younger band's level of fame.

Singer Tom Fletcher said: ''Their popularity is on a whole other level.''

Danny added to Britain's OK! magazine: ''When I was their age there was no way I could have dealt with being as big as they are.''