Hello, this is your resident One Direction correspondent speaking. The Brit wonder made a splash at last night’s American Music Awards with a double win. Not only did they give a pretty brill performance of Night Changes, they also won three whole awards – for Artist of the Year, Favorite Pop/Rock band and Favorite Pop/Rock Album. Their appearance in full force and good health served to quash some rumours from earlier in the week, when Zayn Malik reportedly went down with a stomach flu.

One Direction
1D at the AMA. Ok, but what is Liam's shirt even?

The rumours of course, were that his illness was less flu-like and more... substance related. Basically, people were saying that 21-year-old Malik was on drugs. All those rumours (or most of them anyway) were quashed last night. Not only did he appear to be in good health, if a little on the quiet side during interviews, Malik also performed two solos on Night Changes. And yes, his voice sounded just fine throughout.

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Another highlight of the evening was Taylor Swift’s opening performance. Much like in the Blank Space video, Taylor used the song to mock the image created by the media for her – namely that she’s the lover from hell. So what better way to drive the point home, than to actually depict herself abusing a string of fictional boyfriends? If you missed it, the full performance can now be found somewhere on youtube. I promise, you won’t want those