Prepare yourselves for some bad news, Directioners…

Louis Walsh has claimed in a brand new interview that not only are One Direction not about to reunite any time soon, but also that it could be at least 10 years before they’ll consider doing so.

The 64 year old Irish pop mogul, who was a judge on ‘The X Factor’ when 1D were discovered back in 2010 and who is returning to the ITV singing contest this year, gave an interview to The Telegraph on Thursday (August 25th) and said that it was extremely unlikely that the band would get back together after their hiatus, as they had promised fans.

One DirectionOne Direction in 2015

“It’s not going to happen, nope. No, definitely not,” Walsh said to the incredulous interviewer when the possibility of a reunion was raised. “It’s over, they had their run, all over. It’s done and it was an amazing career.”

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When asked whether the split was really permanent, Walsh then backtracked ever so slightly, conceding “maybe in ten years”.

Later in the interview, while he said that 1D were the “best things to come out of ‘The X Factor’ financially”, he sounded quite ambivalent about the band’s massive success and the ramifications it has had.

“We create monsters in the music business – they only become famous because they’ve been on the show and we got you those songs.”

Doubtless referring to Zayn Malik’s departure from the band 17 months ago, and Liam Payne's solo record deal with Capitol (the only one to move away from the Sony group that houses 1D's label Syco) he continued: “Some of them believed the hype and then everyone around them – publicists, agents, managers – were afraid to tell them because they were making so much money out of them.”

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