It may sound like an unlikely pairing, but One Direction and Danny Devito will soon be sharing the screen together, as the actor and director has filmed a cameo for the band’s next music video. In 'Steal My Girl’ which was shot in Los Angeles last Friday (October 10th), DeVito stars opposite Harry and the gang as the music video's director.

One Direction at the Brit AwardsOne Direction have teamed with Danny Devito for the 'Steal My Girl' video

News of the cameo was announced by the boys and DeVito on their twitter accounts, with the band telling their 20.9million followers, “Dunno about you but we're still reeling from the news that @DannyDeVito is in the #StealMyGirlVideo.”

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But the boys might have gotten a little more than they bargained for from the Matilda actor after he introduced the band to ‘troll foot’. Yes DeVito’s foot has been popping up in his social media pictures daily for the past few years and has now even made it into a picture with the One Direction boys.

Speaking to Forbes last year DeVito described his social media joke saying, “When I see a picture that I really want Troll Foot to be in, I put him out.” Adding that the photobombing foot now has “a lot of fans.”

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‘Steal My Girl’ is taken from One Direction’s upcoming album Four. The video for single will be released on October 24th, while Four is set to hit shelves November 17th.