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Omarion "O" Epic - Alum Review




Former lead singer of B2K and in truth the reason for the initial break up of the group and by causing that breaking a million teenage hearts Stateside. Omarion launches his debut album, B2K meanwhile have stayed together and are currently in the throws of recording a new album. But this eagerly awaited debut album is so much more than an album made fore a teenage fan base. Omarion fuses all what’s good about Justin Timberlake’s multi racial cross over appeal, with all


the class, presence, street feel and strength of an Usher album. The album opens with the uplifting, edgy, upbeat “I Wish”, a strong and positive way to open up your debut set. “Touch” has that JT feel that I was saying about. “O” offers that Usher feel, this track is Omarions “Burn”, believe me. A real breathtaking radio masterpiece that shows why this album is set for the top of the Stateside charts. “I’m Tryna” offers everything “O” offers and then some this gonna be every bit as big as Mario’s “Let Me Love You”, mark my words and is odds on to be the next single. “Drop The Heater” and “Take It Off” are hard and edgy. “Growing Pains” is strong lyrically. The first single from the album is the horn blast, clubby, hands in the air “Never Gonna Let You Go”. Mid beat wise “I Know” is a real head nodder with real substance. To finish off the set four strong sawyers with that down low feel the best of which being “I’m Gon Change” and “In The Dark”. One for the collection if you are 14 or 40 such is the strength and appeal of this album.


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