Review of Ice Box Single by Omarion

Ice Box
Sony BMG
Uk Release Date March 5th / Available On Download Now
Single Review

Omarion Ice Box Single

It's a solid downbeat song that radio stations jumped on quite a while ago, in fact towards the tail of 2007 and to be honest may have damaged this record by doing that. The record label never even had it their vision and big ball player radio stations already had it play listed. Its different for specialist plays but actual play listing it that far in advance does and can cause a headache for the artists and labels. Why because people want things when or very near to when they here it, we live in a microwave world now, where people don't want to wait. So what happens people search for and find it on some free pirate site as a download and an artist such as Omarion then losses valuable sales that he needs in foreign territories. The former front man of B2K delivers vocally and lyrically and even Timbaland delivers a half decent production. But this track can't and will never live up to the first street track lifted from this set because "Entourage" is a timeless classic that you will still be spinning in twenty years time. Hopefully the label might change the error of the ways and re-release "Entourage" and get it right. By making it the hit it should have always been.

Real Urban Appeal 3/5 Hit Appeal 3/5

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