Review of Old Money Album by Omar Rodriguez-Lopez

Review of Omar Rodriguez-Lopez's album 'Old Money' released through Pinnacle.

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Old Money Album

Best known as a member of Mars Volta and formerly of the now defunct band At the Drive-In Omar Rodriguez-Lopez has many accolades under his belt. He's continually
releasing records, be it in bands or solo or guesting on records.

The foundations of 'Old Money' were built on ideas originally formed in Mars Volta jams. The album contains everything you'd expect from Rodriguez-Lopez, it plays host to the spirit of Zappa's music, lots of freeform guitar all enclosed in prog rock, rock and jazz tracks.

Lopez continues his obsession with unusual titles too. 'I Like the Rockefellers' First Two Records, but After That...' and 'Trilateral Commission as Dinner Guests.' Like a lot of great prog albums, many tracks mutate and take a new direction and aren't known for their succinctness, the title song lasts over 9 minutes but at other points on the album, tracks hold a lot more of a punch and could be happy listening for old Chilis' fans. 'The Power of Myth' is based around Rodriguez-Lopez's riffs and solo's, again Zappa's name comes to mind, but like with much of his work, if things with a little neater it would make the whole thing a lot tighter but by the same point, it could ruin all innovation. This time, more is definitely more.

Rating 8/10

Mike Rea

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