Olly Murs is ready to get back in the studio and work on some new material.

The 35-year-old singer - whose most recent album was 2018's 'You Know I Know' - is hoping to release new music next year after taking a break and spending some time recovering from a 2019 knee operation.

Speaking on an Instagram Live chat, he said: ''In lockdown I've missed music a lot. I needed this break because I was exhausted and needed rehab for my knee.

''I've really connected back to my music in lockdown. I've been watching and listening to a lot of stuff, going over old demos and listening to songs I've done, reflecting on my career and music and loving it.

''I'm really buzzing to do more music. I'm hoping over the next year or so there will be new tunes.''

Pop star Olly recently revealed he's been having a hard time dealing with the coronavirus lockdown, even though he was able to isolate with his girlfriend Amelia Tank.

He explained: ''Lockdown has been so much harder than my knee rehab last year.

''I was excited about so many things happening in 2020. I had Soccer Aid, holidays, 'The Voice', projects with my TV company and I had a new haircut. Lockdown sidetracked it all and I found comfort in eating things I love, like chocolate.

''On the surface it looked like I was having loads of fun with Amelia. But I've had some really tough days where I was thinking, 'What's my purpose?' ''

The 'Trouble' hitmaker previously suggested 'You Know I Know' could have been his last record if it hadn't been a success, although it has since been certified gold and hit number two in the UK Album Charts.

Speaking before its release, he said: ''I will continue until people get bored of me if it ends it ends. I am under no illusion that this album could be my last, I say that every album, you never know ... If this album only goes to ten then I know it's time to give it a break.''