Olly Murs' girlfriend doesn't like his six-pack.

The 'Wrapped Up' hitmaker has admitted Francesca Thomas isn't a fan of his new image as she prefers his ''comfort belly''.

He explained: ''Nah, the missus doesn't like six-packs, so she's not a big fan. She misses the comfort belly, something to snuggle up to! I always joke around with my girlfriend and say she's a bit of a feeder. She has a go at me for saying that, though.

''But we were sitting there just eating all the time - chocolate, crisps ... Just being in a relationship made me put on a bit of weight.''

The 31-year-old singer has been working hard to lose the weight and credits Take That star Gary Barlow as his inspiration.

Speaking to The Sun's Fabulous magazine, he added: ''I honestly believe you should be proud and happy to be who you are, but I was just eating for the sake of eating. I was looking at myself in the mirror around January, February time, and I felt like I needed to start training. And once I started training and got myself back into eating good foods like salads, rice, sweet potatoes, good chicken and protein, I saw the weight coming off and really enjoyed it.

''I feel great. I feel re-energised, I'm not as tired any more, and I feel more focused. Gary Barlow is my pin-up. If I look like Gary at 40, I'll be happy. He works, he trains and he's strict, but he looks great.''